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Message from the Head of School

Application Beyond the Classroom Walls

Application of knowledge, responsible risk-taking, creative expression, and problem-solving are only a few of the Sagemont School’s Learning Outcomes that were applied by our alumni Amanda Correra, Jonathan Medina, and Maggie Roach when they established Pride Rock in 2018.

The Story Behind Pride Rock at the Upper School Campus

Pride Rock is a student-run café at the Upper School Campus. When alumni Amanda, Jonathan, and Maggie, along with the support of their Principles of Entrepreneurship teacher Mr. Brown drafted a business plan, they had aspirations of creating a unique space for students 6th-12th grade, and they did just that. With a loan of $1,700 from Sagemont, our Pride Rock entrepreneurs opened the café that would prove to be the morning and lunch destination for our students to join together. Since 2018, when our students enter Pride Rock, the space has been filled with music, buzzing conversations, and camaraderie. The wonderful energy of the café came to a sudden halt in March of 2020, with the “stay-at-home” order. Since then, Pride Rock, like so many businesses has had its doors closed.

Pride Rock Now

Well, on February 12th, Pride Rock reopened with the support and creativity of the café’s new manager, Megan Morris! When Megan returned to campus for the second semester in January, she felt as though something was missing on campus. She wanted to be a part of bringing back a sense of normality. So, in collaboration with Sagemont Synergy, Rho Kappa Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society (NAHS), Megan planned and coordinated a day for the students to remember! After nine months of uncertainty, Pride Rock was finally “back open for business!”

Lower School Campus' Recent Application

Have you heard???? Our students in 5th grade are hosting a morning show! The students have traditionally conducted their announcements over the PA system, but now, with the task of engaging students both in the classroom and at home, the students, alongside Ms. Sorokin have launched Monty’s Morning Show. All 5th-grade students will be a part of this new venture. Building on their work in the Innovation Lab, the students are tasked with writing, hosting, directing, and video-taping all aspects of the show. This process allows the students to apply the Sagemont Learning Outcomes. The 5th-grade students are taking responsible risks, communicating respectfully, and collaborating with their peers and teacher to build the content for the daily show, all while developing the skill of independence. We all are so proud of this new initiative!

Sagemont Student Spotlight

Noa-Lee Morris, 2nd Grade

Noa has a passion for music and loves to explore and express her creativity through music, dancing and science experiments that she often creates on her own. Noa likes to experiment with healing oils and creates beautiful blends, which her family burns through oil diffusers at home. Noa also enjoys fixing things and creating mediations which she records on her iPad. Innovation lab and music class at Sagemont provide Noa with the opportunity to continue exploring and developing her interests.

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Izak Goldberg, 8th Grade

Izak is a student who takes every opportunity to dive deeply into his passions. Izak excels in both the piano and guitar and during the pandemic he has truly taken advantage of the additional time to engage more and share his musical accomplishment with his family weekly. Take a moment and click Synergy Facebook to listen to Izak's work this year in class. Izak is a valued member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Outside of school, Izak is a first-degree black belt in Kung Fu striving toward a second degree in the coming months. He participates virtually 3-4 times a week with his instructor and has not allowed his training to be impacted or slowed down in any way.

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Megan Morris, 12th Grade

Megan truly has the entrepreneurial spirit. As the manager of Sagemont’s Pride Rock Café, she has led a remarkable team for almost two years! Sagemont is happy to have her extend her talents and inspire other students. Many may not know upon meeting Megan because she is so humble, but she is a business owner and Pride Rock is an extension of her career-oriented persona. Megan is an artisan jewelry designer and prior to the pandemic she would showcase her work at various local venues. Let’s continue to support Megan and visit her company’s website at You will love her beautiful and simple designs.

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