Landscape architect

career cluster by~camila villalon

Reasons why I choose this career:

I choose this career because I love to work outside , in nature. Plants are my favorite things to work on outside. I am getting inspired by my father because I always help him do yards or in the company my father works in. ( My father works in landscape) This job as being a landscape architects has been my dream ever since I was small. I have also been planning how my garden would look like in the future.

Training,education,and work environment

The degree you need to be a Landscape architect is a Bachelors degree. Other type of training is NOT required. You would have to work both indoors and outdoors. You would also have to be working on Fieldwork and in a office. The type of dress for work is a uniform.The career cluster for landscape architects is graphic design.


My salary per year is $63.810. Per month I win $30.68. My responsibilities are that I have to keep up with the blue print they give us. I have to be responsible for landscape in parks. Landscape in recreational facilities, and landscape for other space.

job outlook and other

Employment of landscape architects is projected to grow 5 percent from 2014 and 2024. This job will be needed for the future because if there would have been no company for landscape who will do peoples gardens. How about the people that love nature. What would they work on ! Lots of people around the world love to work in nature. And the people that love to work outside what would they do !?


Yes I will still have interest for this career in the future. Because this job has been my dream job. And I have worked with my dad in our garden and other peoples garden. And the company my dad works for I LOVE working with his company because they work a lot in gardens and they help the city. They help people in their homes, and I also love helping people.
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