about our 2nd six weeks of art

What is art? We know art is made out of LINES, SHAPES, FORM, VALUE, TEXTURE, COLOR, and SPACE.

We learned all of those these past two weeks and did some amazing projects corresponding the elements of art. For lines, we learned expressive and contour

lines that form organic or geometric shapes. Organic shapes are found in nature

and are mostly curvy while geometric shapes consists of straight lines. Also, we

made sculptures and art that artists such as Henry Matisse and Peter Reginato

have created. We have studied these artists' history before and after they built their creations. Recently, we made sugar skulls for Day of the Dead and displayed them on the Tyler Museum of Art. Also, we made a huge picture of an alligator using pieces of paper distributed equally for each student to complete.

We will learn about texture, color, and space on the upcoming weeks.

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my artwork


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