Let's Honor Our Veterans

Remote learning for WES on 11-3-2020

Remote Learning Day to Honor Veterans

Next Wednesday, people all over the United States will honor veterans who have served in the United States armed forces.

Today is a remote learning day for WCS students. We will use our remote learning day in learning about and celebrating our veterans.

There are six things to do today. Follow the numbers to complete your remote day. We will see you back at school on Wednesday!

1. Watch a PBS video to learn about veterans.


Now watch Luke interview veterans who are family members of WES students.

2. Create a Veterans Day booklet

Complete the Thank You, Veterans Easy Reader linked here. If you don't have this booklet from school, you can just read the story and omit the activity.

1. Color the pages.

2. Cut the pages apart.

3. Staple into a booklet by placing three staples along the left margin.

4. Read, enjoy, and share your booklet with friends and family members.

3. Learn about "The Star Spangled Banner", our national anthem

Listen to the recording of "The Star Spangled Banner". This song is our national anthem. It is sung at the beginning of sports events and other large gatherings to honor America's history.

After listening to the song, complete the color sheet OR foldable to honor veterans.

Thank You for your Service color sheet.

Foldable of Star Spangled Banner and directions how to create the foldable video.

Listen and sing along to these songs to honor Veterans, the words

are here to help you.

Thank You, Soldiers and Oh, I Love America

If you'd like to dig more into the history, you can read about Francis Scott Key and what the words mean here.

Flag from Fort McHenry

You can see the real flag that flew over Fort McHenry and inspired "The Star Spangled Banner" at the National History Museum in Washington, D.C. Read all about it here: https://www.si.edu/spotlight/flag-day/banner-facts

4. Write a Thank You Card for Veterans

Complete the Thank You Card for a Veteran. Color the outside, write a short message to a Veteran thanking them for their service.

Kindergarten and first grade students ask an adult for help with the writing.

Words you might use in your writing are freedom, veteran, service, America, and thank you.

Give the card to your teacher, she will share with a veteran.

5. Enjoy this great read aloud story.

The Wall” by Eve Bunting is a story about a little boy whose grandfather was killed in the Vietnam War. The young boy and is father visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. Here is another link to the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yijiNhcwDAQ&feature=youtu.be

The Wall by Eve Bunting

6. Watch a video about why we have Veteran's Day.

Veterans Day - How it started and why we honor it - KID HISTORY

For fun, listen to Mrs. St. John share about books about veterans in our library.

Veterans Day Books Available at WE

If you would like more ways to honor...

These activities are optional. That means you can do them if you would like.

Draw a soldier! A directed drawing for how to draw a soldier can be found at Art for Kids Hub How to Draw a Soldier Saluting.

The red poppy flower is a symbol of honor for the sacrifice our Veterans have made for our freedoms. A great opportunity to talk about gratitude and our country's history.

Red Tissue Paper Forever Flower

Use red tissue paper, fishing wire, and this video to make a forever flower to share with a Veteran.

Torn Poppies

1. Tear piles of red and black paper.

2. Add a circle of glue to your paper, press the red pieces of torn paper into the glue.

3. Glue smaller pieces of torn black paper to the center of the poppy.

4. Finally add a stem and set aside to dry.

One more Veterans Day Booklet you can print and complete.

1. Color

2. Cut the pages apart

3. Staple the pages together to create a booklet.

4. Read and share your booklet.

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