Chocolate: Is it good?

Of course it is!

How to Get Fit with Chocolate: Get-Fit Guy

Believe it or not chocolate can help you get fit!! It can help you with cravings for sweet things, also work to enhance your cardiovascular fitness, increase mitochondrial biogenesis (the formation of new tiny powerhouses in your cell) energy production, and enhancing blood flow!

Chocolate for Cravings:

Chocolate may lead to fat loss! How by suppressing your appetite, increasing meal satiety, and decreasing cravings for sweet things in general. There is medical studies have been done to compare the effects of milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate. People who consumed dark chocolate consumed 17% lower amounts of pizza.

Chocolate for Cardio:

A single dose of flavon-3ols which is a primary polyphenol compound that is found in cocoa butter and cocoa powder. This compound increase both systemic circulation and micro-circulation which are two very important determinants of having cardiovascular fitness, physical performance and health.

Chocolate has polyphenols in it as well that can make our blood vessels work more efficiently. Use it before exercise that could decrease the burden to your cardiovascular system and enhance performance.

Health Benefits of Chocolate: Nutrition Diva

Do you think dark chocolate is similar to spinach, sardines, and oat bran? Well if you guessed yes you were right! They are all said to make your heart healthier. Also by eating chocolate you can lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol.

Also the compounds in chocolate can increase your insulin sensitivity which overall helps the ability to regulate blood sugar and help prevent against type 2 diabetes. The compounds can also improve blood flow to the brain which can make you smarter!!! Looks like I will feed my kids dark chocolate!

Chocolate also helps reduce inflammation, which aids in protecting against all kinds of diseased. It also slows down the aging process. If you eat chocolate on a regular basis then it can improve texture and structure of your skin.

Overall chocolate compounds can make you feel happier. These compounds in chocolate are called flavanols that are found in the nonfat cocoa solids. This is part of the bean left over when you take out all the cocoa butter. Dark chocolate contains more than milk which leads to the general rule that dark chocolate is better for you.

Downside of Chocolate

Do not go eating a pound of dark chocolate a day. Chocolate contains a good amount of sugar, fat, and calories. it is just a healthy food that you need to eat in moderation.

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These to podcast pretty much go hand and hand. The Git Fit Guy talks a lot more of milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate. Git Fit Guy also talks about benefits that dark chocolate has, but mostly with exercising. The Nutrition Diva talks about all different health benefits that chocolate has on the body. They both give the same information for the most part by talking about the different compounds that chocolate has and how that is the main health benefit. As for a class room we could possibly do the experiment that they did in the Get Fit Guy podcast. Also, the students could do further research on the health benefits of chocolate and make a presentation to the class.