Ms. Clark's Counseling Connection

How Does Your Engine Run ?

During second quarter students began to discuss "The Alert Program" which helps them to identify their preparedness to participate in the classroom. With the help of the engine visual, students learned that their energy level can affect how much they learn at school. If our engine is running "low" we may feel too tired to participate in class. If our engine is on "high" we might be too hyper to pay attention and sit quietly. However, if our engine is "just right" we are alert and ready to learn from teachers and each other. Students then participated in activities which helped them identify and differentiate between the levels.

“Just Right” Helps us to Learn at School !

Next, each student made an "engine meter" which helps them recognize how their engine is running throughout the day. "Just right" is the best place to be when students are trying to learn in the classroom. If a student identifies their engine is running “high” they can take deep breaths or do some wall push-ups to help their engine run "just right". If their engine is "low", they can get a drink of water or do some jumping jacks to get their engine running "just right". The goal is to be “just right” most of the school day and to have skills to manage when our engine naturally moves up and down. For more information on the "Alert Program" please

Meghan A. Clark, LICSW

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