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What is snowboarding?

Snowboarding is basically a person on a snowboard or sled type ride and they have to go down a snowy slope and try to score the highest.

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What does being on the ramp look like?

Shaun white doing tricks on the snow ramp with a camera in his hand.


SW | First Person 004

Shaun White is scared of the Sochi course? Why is he is he so worried?

Watch the video below to find out!
SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING - bows out of slopestyle event in Winter Olympics

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Not only can you see some cool videos of Shaun White but also other snowboarders.

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What could happen if you mess up or if something goes wrong?

There is a lot of dangers to snowboarding like getting injured, getting fired or losing your career if you break something, the miscalculations of the snow ramp, or even competition. There is a lot of people very very passionate of there sports or make a very large bet and would do anything for their team to win :O.

Shaun White Crashes!!! Check it out here ------>

How to...?

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Justin Reiter is the last of Team USA competing in Sochi