Love vs. Infatuation

By: Krista Koslowski

What is love?

Technical Definition: An Intense feeling of deep affection

Personal Definition: When 2 people are committed to each other and put each other first

What is infatuation?

Technical Definition: An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something

Personal Definition: A short-term love or passion with someone or something

Love quote

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This quote represents love because loving someone means you love them for themselves and accept who they are and that personality really only matters when your in love and there looks are a bonus

Infatuation quote

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Infatuation means developing feelings for someone momentarily and will always find a reason to like them and that why you should be interested in them and so then you think that way about them

Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love styles

Liking(Infatuation): Characterizes true friendships, in which a person feels a bondedness, a warmth, and a closeness with another but not intense passion or long-term commitment

Empty Love(Infatuation): Sometimes, a stronger love deteriorates into empty love, in which the commitment remains, but the intimacy and passion have died

Infatuated love(Infatuation): Is often what is felt as "love at first sight." But without the intimacy and the commitment components of love, infatuated love may disappear suddenly

Companionate love(Love): Is generally a personal relation you build with somebody you share your life with, but with no sexual or physical desire

Fatuous love(Love): A commitment which is motivated largely by passion, without the stabilizing influence of intimacy

Consummate love(Love): is the complete form of love, representing the ideal relationship toward which many people strive but which apparently few achieve

Lee's Six Styles of Love

Eros(Infatuation): "Love at first sight" based on "Chemistry" and a strong physical and/or emotional attraction

Ludos(Infatuation): Love that is played as a game or sport

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