By: Alexandra Reigle

Head, Neck, Back, Stripes?


You may think that a zebras eyes are just like yours in the front of your head, NO, NO, NO. Zebras eyes are way different then ours. For example, their eyes are on the side of their head helping the zebra see forwards and backwards without moving its head. Even if a zebra is deep in a patch of grass eating their lunch their eyes are so high up on their head they can still see forwards and backwards, so those lions or leopards looking for their lunch you better not plan to have a sneak attack on a zebra because zebras are always watching you.


The stripes on zebras are like snowflakes, no two are alike. The 3 most common zebras (Plains, Grevy, and mountain Zebras) don't even have the same stripes. the Plains Zebras stripes are big and bold. The Grevys stripes are thin and whirl in circles on the zebras body. The Mountain Zebras stripes are thinner then Plain Zebras stripes , but thicker than Grevy Zebras stripes. Since a zebra can run at 40 miles per hour the stripes become a blur and confuse predators when they run. The zebras mane starts being striped, but as it goes up it gets darker and darker and eventually becomes black.


The mouth a zebra has is very interesting. The teeth are long and deep in a zebras jaw, so they have a less percent chance of getting a tooth knocked out. these curved teeth of theirs have ridges that grind the long stringy grass they eat. Their big tongue helps in the process of eating this tough, chewy grass. Its long, strong rubbery lips help the zebra pick up its snack. Grass as a snack EW!!!!!!

Growing Up

A baby

Aww!! A cute baby zebra is born. 10 minutes pass, she is already on her feet! 30 minutes pass, shes able to walk on 4 feet! 45 minutes pass, and now she is able to run! How do they do it? The mother carefully walks her baby back to the herd. Themother won't let anyone touch her new born baby. Everyone is coming over trying to meet the baby, but the mom is kicking and biting any zebra that comes close to her baby. The only thing a baby is living on until he or she is 6 months old is their mothers warm milk. If a mommy zebra a girl it would be called a filly. If the mommy has a boy it would be called a colt.


The day comes your colt leaves at the age of 4 and goes to another herd to become a Stallion. The only way for a colt to become a stallion is if he is with a different herd until he is 6 years old. A filly stays a filly for its whole life. The filly only stays until she is about one and a half because they will have their baby at about two and a half. That gives them a year to find a man to protect her while in the process of giving birth.

Wild Cousins

Even though zebras and horses are cousins, they share a lot of differences and similarities.


First of all if you think about it horses are way bigger than zebras. A horses legs are longer than their bodies are tall. And a zebras legs are about the same length as their bodies height. A zebras legs are harder, smaller, and have more oval shaped hooves. A horses legs on the other hand are bigger and more muscular. If you live in Africa you probably will see a zebra everyday, but you probably won't see a horse roaming the savanna. A horse is about ten miles per hour faster than a zebra. Zebras are animals that are very hard to train, on the other hand, horses are very easy to train.


If you think about it, zebras are technically just wild horses covered in stripes. They both eat grass and are predators of a lot of other animals. Also, they both live in herds. horses and zebras are cousins so there are probably a million more similarities.

Zebras vs. Horses! (Summer & Eve Explains Things)

Laying Down The Laws

The Problems

There are many problems Grevy and Mountain Zebras face. Due to habitat loss, these species are becoming endangered. The Mountain Zebra does not get hunted that often because their light colors (tan and white stripes) blend in with the long grass. Hunters think that Grevy Zebras have beautiful hides, so they hunt them and make clothing or something out of it. How can this be stopped?

The Solutions

But there are solutions to this terrible problem. The new and improved laws protect zebras from being killed and becoming extinct. Another law closes off areas in the wild for endangered species so they can be protected from hunters and predators. These laws state that any hunter who kills a zebra will be punished in a very bad way. Thank god for these new laws.

Fast and Furios


A normal zebra could gallop at about 40 miles per hour. They depend mostly on their speed to escape predators. Big muscles bunched up at the top of its legs give the zebra its power. Strong fibers in their big muscles help the zebra spring forward. Zebras flare their nostrils wide to gulp down air. Their big chests help them run. Extra oxygen helps the zebra run faster. Lions and other predators have to be very smart to take down a sprinting zebra.

A Blur

As a zebra starts to pick up speed (40 MPH) they start to become a blur of black and white. If they become in a dangerous position ( like a Lion or predator chasing them), they will start to run and eventually confuse the predator. A herd of zebras (when running) looks like a fuzzy TV screen!! All you lions or cheetahs out their, you better be very smart to catch a zebra.