Things about me

Something about me

My name is Iida.

I'm 14-year-old girl.

I'm from Finland. It's on the Western Finland.

I live in Tyrnävä. It's near Oulu. Tyrnävä is little village.

I have brown half-long hair and blue eyes. I'm almost 165cm (5 ft).

My dog

I have dog.

His name is Ruffe.

Ruffe is poodel.

He's three-year-old.

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My hobby

My hobby is finnish baseball.
It's Finland national sport.
We call finnish baseball here in Finland to "pesäpallo".
I also enjoy cook and bake.
Sometimes I go to run with my dog.

I like travel abroad. Last time i was in the Mallorca. It's island in the Spanish.

School & my family

My school name is Kuulammen koulu. My favorite school subjects is PE, History and internationalism. I have mom, dad and little sister Aino. My little sister is 9-year-old. I have also dog.