Technology Rules for Parents

By: Harnoor 6L

Rule #1

You should never text and drive, if you do it can disturb you with your driving which can lead to death or a serious injury.
Get the Message?

Rule #2

Never talk on your cell phone while driving because if you do you can get a police ticket,distract you and instead have a bluetooth with you at all times.

Rule #3

Don't try to change the radio while driving because it may distract you from driving.

Rule #4

Don't believe anyone that gives you a celebrity # because it might be fake and never post any proof of it on any social media communication website because someone might hack you to find out.

Rule #5

Never go on any random stranger chatting website like Omegle and keek because they might also hack you and do wrong things.

Rule #6

Don't put on make-up in your vehicle even if you are at a stop light because you might have so much in your hands that something might fall and wreck something with the vehicle.

Rule #7

If you have a GPS in your vehicle and it's giving you wrong directions don't start changing it in the middle of driving instead pull over.

Rule #8

Never click on any random emails from people you don't know because it may cause your electronic device a virus.

Rule #9

Never think that someone on a communication website is really them because it may be someone else and they want to do something bad like find out where you live.

Rule #10

Never give out personal info through an online communication website.