Global Education Conference

April 5, 2014

Global Education Conference FAQ's

Thanks to everyone that came to the conference over the weekend! We notice your dedication to GCS students.

Interesting FAQ:

  • There are 95 different countries represented in GCS.
  • There are over 117 different dialects and languages spoken in GCSs
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Creating a Global Media Center

Jackie Pender-Jones and Bonnie Fulp did a wonderful job developing a resources to help us create a Global Media program. Below you will find just a few Highlights of their wonderful presentation. Email Jackie or Bonnie to join their wiki to find out more.

Connecting with other countries:

    FREE resource that will allow students to interact class to class from other countries.
    Link to ongoing ePal projects - include
  • TakingITGlobal
  • Worldwide Culture Swap-
    Partners you with other cultures to communicate and collaborate on projects

Finding Books for your library that are culturally relevant:

Other Resources

Professional Standards addressing Global Media Programing

Standard 1.4 Integration of 21st century Skills and learning standards

Standard 2.3: Respect for Diversity

Check it out: Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype: Connecting Classrooms Around The World