Clothes Idioms

My teacher told me to buckle down this term.

(a) wear a seatbelt

(b) put a lot of effort into

(c) sit down

Bruce's last comment hit below the belt.

(a) was unfair and cowardly

(b) was unfashionable

(c) was cheerful and fair

Aurora was dressed to kill this weekend.

(a) wore her worst clothes

(b) wore out-of-date clothes

(c) wore her best clothes

Many people don't want their dirty linen aired in public.

(a) to have their dirty clothes drying on a clothes line

(b) to have their private affairs talked about in public

(c) to speak in public

Sierra's dress fits her like a glove.

(a) fits her very well

(b) is too big

(c) is too short

Bill's wife is mutton dressed as lamb.

(a) dresses too young for her age

(b) dresses too old for her age

(c) dresses in a very casual manner