Tech Tuesday

Reading Around the World Using Google Maps

How can Google Maps integrate with Reading?

  • Improve student visualization of the world around them by having them pin their settings on the map.
  • Bring settings to life by using street view or the maps gallery to see where their stories take place.
  • Use a class Map to record "where" we are reading.
  • Use each map pin for reading response
  • Use individual student Maps to collect the year's reading as a portfolio or time capsule item.
  • Trace the routes of events during a unit on historical fiction
  • Use a class map to follow a character on their travels in the story
You can create class maps to see where all of your students are reading/responding at once OR you can have each student create their own map to respond/record the books they read for the year.

I've included three examples below. One is my own personal map, where I record the books I read for the year by setting. The second could be a student map where they could also include a reading response, setting research, etc. Finally, the third photo is the street view for the setting of Number the Stars. Street view is a great way to help students get to know their settings.

Reading Around the World

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