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October 14, 2019

Nominate an Outstanding Student for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Every middle and high school is eligible to name one outstanding student, who can then possibly earn state and national honors for outstanding volunteerism and leadership. Your principal may have also received this information from AMLE. The process:
  • Students apply online at school level by November 5
  • School names winner (and up to two runners up, depending upon school size) & principal submits winner by November 15. There are suggestions on ways to honor these students.
  • State winners announced in February. National winners receive $1000 scholarships and a trip to Washington, D.C.
You can find all of this information and more details online.
All K-8 classroom teachers in Indiana are eligible to apply for a TechPoint IN STEM grant worth from $75-$500.

Grants are based upon

  • Classroom innovation

  • Enhancement of existing curriculum

  • Implementation of hands-on, inquiry-based STEM classroom activities

You can find examples of past winners here. Applications are due October 31.

Do Your Students Understand What Plagiarism Is/Isn't?

Students often struggle to use different resources to put ideas into their own words without losing meaning, all while avoiding plagiarism. This post gives some explicit steps to help teach paraphrasing. Unfortunately, some students have discovered that there are even paraphrasing generators online. The free ones in particular (like this one) do a poor job. Even many adults struggle with the amount of text that can properly be used, and what needs attribution.

The "Common Knowledge" strategy linked to this article can also be a useful lesson.

For Chrome Users...

Google has recently released the "Chromebook App Hub." In this post from Kasey "Shake Up Learning" Bell (also the author of the book for DOE's current study) you will find over 100 uses for chromebooks. These apps actually apply to any device using the chrome browser, and go beyond a simple laundry list; most of the apps have lesson ideas and tips for success.

You can also get this information via Kasey's podcast here.

Grants Available for School Libraries

The Institute of Museum and Library Sciences has a grant program called, "Accelerating Promising Practices for Small Libraries" In this case, "small" is a relative term, and most school libraries qualify via their small staff alone; even urban schools can qualify. You can read more about the grant here, with the FAQ here, and past winners here. Many of these grants are substantial! These grant applications are due December 2.

Getting Physical with Math: The Flagway Game

Bob Moses, who created the Algebra Project and received a MacArthur Grant, has also created "The Flagway Game" as a way to make math more active and fun. You can see the rules he has developed and ways you might use the game or adapt it with your students in this Mindshift story.

IMLEA/AMLE Dual Institutional Membership Now Available. Save on Introductory Pricing

IMLEA and AMLE have teamed up to provide a collaborative membership for schools to bring you and your staff valuable tools and resources.

·To view a full list of benefits or to join:

NOTE: If you have already joined either organization, you will only pay the difference and still receive the introductory rate. You can still join either organization, but we feel the dual membership will reap even greater benefits. Questions? Contact Shirley Wright.


Highlights included in the Update that can be downloaded Below: Thank You for sharing these Updates with your staff.

· New Spotlight on Service-Learning Article - Service-Learning Has Class - In this article you will read how service-learning can be incorporated into your school day in many forms

· New Snapshots of Service-learning stories posted: Silver Creek H.S., Shelbyville M.S., Immanuel Lutheran School, John Simatovich Elem., New Palestine H.S., Castle North M.S., and Lowell M.S.

· LTG lessons and projects for National Disabilities Awareness Month and National Bullying Prevention Month

· LTG Lessons to help “Build a Caring and Inclusive Classroom”

· LTG TeachOne– “Words Bring Peace” and “calming kits” project

· generationOn Website October Theme – Diversity and Inclusion – Projects/Resources

· INSPIRE3 Mini-Grants available for 2019-2020 school year. Click here for requirements

· INSPIRE3 contact information for free on site PD or interest in area workshop

· Visit our INSPIRE3 page on the IASP website here

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