Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story

Jonathan Patel

Main characters

Jacob was a Jewish boy that was living with a Polish family,they had to hide Jacob in this house all day and the Polish family changed his name to Genyek so the nazi wouldnt think he was jewish. Alex Roslan was the man who was hiding Jacob in his house to save him from going to a work camp because Jacob lived in the ghetto.Alex gave up a lot to keep Jacob undetected from the nazi because if the nazi found out then His whole family would of been shot. Mela Roslan was Alex's wife she did a lot for the family by cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids.


In the story Alex rescue Jacob from the ghetto in Poland where all the jewish people had to live, The nazi would take jewish people from the ghetto and send them the work camps in Aswuitiz where they would work or be killed by a gas chamber or shot, and Alex saved Jacob from the ghetto so he wouldnt get killed. Jacob lived with Alex for over 2 years and and the family risked there life to save jacobs life.


Alex earned this awarded by taken in a jewish person to save his life. He risked his families life to hide a jewish boy in there house they often moved their familey a couple of times to keep jacbob safe from the nazi. Alex treated Jacob as if he was his own child and spending money on him to keep him healthy and given up stuff for him. They changed Jacob name to Genyek so the nazi wouldnt know he was jewish. Alex even sold his house just to save jacob life from a ear problem he had


In the story Jacob said "who ever saves a single life is as who has saved the entire world" This means that one life that you save could save the whole world and can make a big difference because if you lost one life the world will be difference and wont be able to grow bigger in population.


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