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October Newsletter

Welcome October!

Hello again parents! We are excited to be giving you our second newsletter of the school year, while providing you with more information, event dates, activities and classroom presentations.

Communication is Key!

As your student becomes more independent, communicating and connecting with your child becomes even more important.

  • Ask open-ended questions. Instead of "How was school?" ask, "what are you studying in science?"
  • Show interest in the things your child likes. and empathize with the things that get him/her down, even if they seem small to you.
  • Look for times when your child is most likely to be open to conversation (e.g., when you're fixing dinner, driving in the car, etc.), and be available to listen when your student wants to talk.
  • Show your student that you value his/her opinion. Ask your child what restaurant you should go to, or what he/she thought about a TV show you watched together.
  • Make it clear to your child that he/she can talk to you about anything without fear of punishment or judgement.
  • Pay attention to nonverbal communication. Children aren't always able to put into words the things they need you to know. It is, therefore, important to pay attention to your child's body language, eating and sleeping patterns, moods, and school performance.

Mindfulness for Teen Worry- Seeing You Can Let Go by Jeffrey Bernstein, Phd

Have your student try this!

Make a list of things that other people your age worry about that you yourself don't fret over. Maybe that list includes heights, bees, snakes, thunderstorms, speaking up in class, meeting new people, playing sports, or singing in public. Now make a list of the things you have worried about in the past but do not worry about any longer.

Afterward, look over your lists. Can you see how you have altogether avoided or gotten out of worry wasteland in the past? Do you feel encouraged by looking at how you have overcome past worries?

Suicide Prevention

The LSMS School Counseling Office is doing our part by speaking to our students about warning signs and the prevention of suicide. Recently, the Missouri Department of Education started requiring suicide prevention education for students starting no later than fifth grade. Students will receive age appropriate information and instruction on suicide awareness and prevention. As a parent, you can learn more about Suicide and Suicide Prevention by visiting this link:

For the Month of October and November, read below to see what each grade level counselor has planned for your student in discussing suicide awareness and prevention.

8th Grade:

On November 4th and 5th through the P.E. classes, 8th grade students will be doing the EYES program (Every Year, Every Student) through CHADS Coalition for Mental Health and the topic will be Self-Injury. This presentation includes a refresher on Signs of Suicide and the A.C.T. acronym (Acknowledge, Care, Tell), which 8th grade students participated in last year.

7th Grade:

On November 20th and 21st, 7th graders will also be participating in the EYES program, however the topic will be on Peer Pressure. This presentation is meant to follow the bully-free presentation that 7th graders received last year.

6th Grade:

Mrs. Patton will be visiting 6th grade classes on Oct. 7 (Seekers) and Oct. 10 (Searchers) to discuss mental health and taking care of oneself. Students will receive an age appropriate lesson on coping strategies for feeling worried or anxious and warning signs or symptoms of depression and suicide. Students will learn to A.C.T.: Acknowledge, Care, and Tell when they hear of anyone thinking of suicide.

If you have any questions or concerns about your student learning this lesson in October, please contact Mrs. Patton, 6th grade school counselor at for other arrangements.

Counselors will have signs in the LSMS front lawn during the weeks of our lessons that support students mental well being. The signs say "You Matter," "Don't Give Up" and "You are Worthy of Love." Counselors will also be available for individual students who might have been personally affected by these presentations. If you feel your student is in need of further mental health services, please let your counselor know. We are here to help!

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The button above takes you to an article that details how asking about suicide does NOT increase suicidal ideation.

We have 28 students who will be on the LaSalle Springs Kindness Crew / AntiBullying Ambassadors from grades 6-8. The students are collaborating together to plan anti-bullying activities for the school year including a Kindness Week, special Kindness promoting announcements for morning school announcements, Kindness Assembly, and many other ideas. The group is led by Alice Patton, school counselor, and Sarah Harashe, 8th grade science teacher.

Click the button above to learn more about Rockwood's Anti-Bullying initiative.

Counseling Presentations at Parent Teacher Conferences!

Your amazing counseling staff will be providing presentations regarding adolescent mental health during Parent Teacher Conferences on October 24th and 29th. Session 1 starts at 4pm, titled "Raising an Emotionally Healthy Teen" where parents will hear topics related to anxiety, grit and signs of suicide. We will follow up with Session 2 at 4:45pm, titled "Monitoring Your Student's Grades" where you can receive more information about Infinite Campus. We offer the same topics again at 5:30pm for session 3 (Raising and Emotionally Healthy Teen) and 6:15pm for session 4 (Monitoring Your Student's Grades). If you are already attending Parent Teacher Conferences and would like to hear more about these topics, please visit us in the Health Room. Sessions should take around 30 minutes. Please feel free to stop by!
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We encourage students to sign up through the counselors google classroom to make appointments to see their counselor. Students complete a google form indicating who they would like to see, when they would like to be seen, and what they would like help with. Counselors meet with students for all types of reasons, such as having a conflict with a peer, grades and/or classes, something at home, or any safety concerns. We also encourage students to come and see us even when they have good things to share! We love to hear about their accomplishments, fun weekend outings, their favorite TV shows and anything that will help us get to know your student better. Again, we are always here to help.
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8th Grade South Tech Field Trip- Reminder

Thursday, Oct. 17th, 8-10:30am

12721 West Watson Road

St. Louis, MO

The purpose of this trip is to introduce students to a variety of careers and educational
programs in the following areas: Business & Technology, Health Services, Industrial &

Engineering Technology, Arts & Communication, Transportation & Manufacturing, Construction, and Human Services. During this field trip, students will be encouraged to ask questions about educational requirements, future employment opportunities and skills/abilities needed to succeed in the various career fields. Students should be sure to wear long pants and closed toe shoes during the day of the trip.

If your student received a permission form for you to sign permitting them to attend this trip, these are due no later than October 4th. Students can return permission forms to Ms. Giden in the counseling office or to their Language Arts teacher. Most parents already completed paperwork permitting their student for any school field trips through the registration process in Infinite Campus. If you are unsure if you completed this, or wondering if your student received a permission form for our South Tech trip, please contact Mrs. Rose Ingraham at 636-733-4220 or Ms. Robin Giden at 636-733-4225.

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