Expansion of Privacy Policies

Created by Scott Hackney

Reasons for Creating Privacy Policies

Online companies who collect information and distribute pictures online, such as social media companies, need privacy policies to ensure no one would sue them for distributing private information. When signing up for an app, the privacy policy has to be agreed to before people are allowed onto the app, this is to make sure all users of the app have the chance to read the privacy policy so the company won't get sued.
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Who Creates These Privacy Policies?

Often the companies who have privacy policies hire lawyers to write the privacy policies for them, or have their own corporate lawyers write the privacy policy. While some companies may write the privacy policy on their own, many prefer to hire lawyers to ensure there aren't any loop holes in which the company could be sued for a issue brought up in the privacy policy.

What Do These Privacy Policies Do?

The creation of these privacy policies enables companies to prevent themselves from being sued over release of information and other tasks the company does to keep its business running. In addition to preventing the company from being sued by stating what the company is allowed to do in the privacy policy, it also states the company is allowed to download and store data you provide the company when you are signing up, along with using the services of the company. The privacy policy describes how the company takes in the data, along I with where in the world the data could be stored.

Make Sure You Read The Privacy Policy

It is important to understand the information companies provide their customers in the privacy policy. Most companies will require you to agree to the privacy policy before you can access the services of the company. If this is the case, the make sure you read the information provided, some don't want any information being shared with the public. It is also important to understand what the company does with the information you provide them. Overall make sure you read any information provided to you before you sign up for the services of a company.