The Blind Side

By Michael Lewis

Do you have poor grades and want to play sports?


In this book there is a person named Michael Oher. This story takes in Memphis, Tennessee. He loves to play football. but when it comes to grades he does not do well. He gets poor grades such as D's and f's. But when he goes to college everything changes for him.Since Michael played football in high school, he should be good. The positions Michael plays are left tackle and right tackle. He enjoys playing these positions because he is very good at doing it. But he is the best at is protecting the quarterbacks blind side. Back when Michael Oher was a kid and through most of his life he had no money, no job, and no family. The person who takes care of Michael is Leigh Anne. That is because the police took the his mother away and now they were separated from mom, but he had brothers with him. Also they were separated because she could not take care of her children. Also Michael's dream is to become an NFL player. Michael was a healthy person, but he weighed about 300 pounds. Once he went to college Michael gets easily upset. In the end he did something wrong to get himself into trouble. What happens is that he gets into a major fight with another kid in his school and makes him bleed all over the floor. But by accident he hurt a little kid that was a teacher's child. But the person who takes care of Michael Oher gets called and told that Michael will be going to jail." Memphis could make you wonder why."
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The Blind Side Book Trailer


Michael Oher playing football. But does he make it to the NFL?


The reason why I chose this book because I like the movie, so I wanted to read the book to get more information from the book. My opinion of the Blind Side is that it is the best book that I read. My favorite part of the Blind Side is when Michael Oher goes into a football game and smash a guy into the ground pretty hard. Why I liked it because I could feel his pain. Reasons why I disliked the book where that it does not say if Michael made it to the NFL. Reasons why I liked the book was that I found it fun to read. Also it was easy for me to understand. What I would rate this book is a five star rating because I thought it was a great book for me to read. I would recommend this book to teenagers and people who are older.