Smore Project

Jenna Porter

Earthquake PBL

The project was to build a safe home for Tony Stark, it has to pass the shaking test but in his world a earthquake. Driving Qestion-how can we, as structure engineers, construct a two story house for Tony Stark. My groups desgin was to put clay on the bottom and top, then put popcial sticks for the walls, and then put straws for the roof, lastly we tighed around a string to make sure it was stable. One of the main points I learned about this section was that earthquakes can be very dangerous and you want to make sure your house is ready for an earthquake.

30 Hands

What I learned from doing these projects was that we need to help are evorment by not briving cars as much, and we make a huge impact on gobal warming what I liked about doing this project was being able to work on your own time and nowing all of the things you still have to do.

30 Hands Vedio:

Invention Convection

With me and my team, for the invention we will be solving, all of the trash that goes into the ocean and hurts animals, and pollutes the air.Are invention helps solve this problem by going into this process ware it cleans the water and whats in it like trash.How are invention mainly works is it goes tough a messes and all of the trash build up would get stuck. Then, a door would close so no more water can come back in. Next, a rude sucks up all of the trash and put it into a pile. Lastly, it goes though filter so the water gets cleaned. This, is our invention convection.

Fav. Unit

I liked unit 5 the best because I liked the projects and avities we did it was a lot of fun. In this unit we learned about are atmosphere and godal warming, and cilmate change. For, this unit some of my actives/projects were the Pic Colloage/ 30 Hands. I liked it because it was fun looking up answers and pictures. I liked page 1, because I like to draw and color and it was fun to do.