October Newsletter 2015

Chestatee Elementary School

A Letter From Mrs. Tennies, Our Principal

Dear Families of Chestatee,

October brings our first set of Parent-Teacher Conferences, a great opportunity to sit and talk about one cool kid, your very own! School work generates a lot of numbers. We will be sharing some of those, especially on assessments in reading and math. Part of our job is to help you see how the performance stands up against our report card rubrics. Together we can problem solve how to strengthen performances. We might even discuss how to bring more challenge to a task that is already mastered!

We will share our Chestatee Compact and discuss goals for the school year. Already we have completed a sizeable quarter of the year, with one semester wrapping up this month. Most importantly, we want to hear about what you are seeing in your child’s progress so far. We value our partnership and know that together we can accomplish amazing things with your child’s education.

While you are in the school, please stop by our Parent Resource Room. There are hundreds of items in here available for parents to check out and use to support their child’s learning. If you come to the room looking for help with a specific skill-I guarantee you that there is something you can take home to use for extra support. I would also like to ask that you look for a parent survey that may be accessible in the hallways on laptops or through QR Codes. This survey represents the voice of our parents and is collected by the Georgia Department of Education.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus this month!

Kind Regards,

Polly Tennies


2015-2016 Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations Sharon Nizialek!

Mrs. Nizialek is the epitome of team work and leadership in our building. If you have ever had the pleasure of working with her, you will agree. She also makes sure that every child in her room knows that they are important and loved. Way to always show the "Chestatee Way" Mrs. Nizialek! We are proud to call you our TOTY!

School Climate Parent Survey

Your Participation is Needed!

Each school receives a School Climate Star Rating, and we could use your help.

Please take a brief moment and fill out the survey below. We want to hear how we are doing!


What's Coming up at the T?

itslearning parent night 10/29/15 @ 6:00

Don't let itslearning SCARE you! Come join us for an evening of learning. We will focus on how your child's grade/teacher uses itslearning and how you as a parent can access what your child is working on!

If you have been looking to learn more about itslearning, then this is the night for you! Hope to see you there!

Itslearning Tip of the Month!

itslearning resource page

Did you know that there is an itslearning resource page for parents and students on our school website? If you look at the quicklinks on the left side of our page you will see the image below. This page has a lot of great resources to help parents and students! Check it out!

Big image

Mindsets Moment

100% accountable

Here at the T we are continuing our lessons on the 7 Mindsets. This month we are focused on the mindset of 100% accountable. This mindset is about choosing to be responsible for your own happiness and success. One crucial piece to being 100% accountable that we are focusing on at school involves owning your actions and taking responsibility for oneself. As we finish 1st quarter and move into 2nd, this is a great mindset to discuss at home as well. Some topics of conversation at home could include how to overcome difficulties that we face, how to make the most of each day, and how you can continue to grow throughout your life. This mindset focuses on recognizing excuses and focusing our energy on the steps needed to reach goals. 100% accountable is a great growth mindset for students, staff, and families.

Want to learn more about the 7 mindsets? Here is a great video for you to watch! Just click the link below that says Parent Video!


September was a busy month for your Chestatee PTA!

We had our annual membership drive, during which we were able to add another 38 people to our PTA. Thank you for signing up to help out your school! And if you did not get a chance to sign up for PTA membership yet and are still interested in doing so, we have membership forms available at the school and on the Chestatee website. We would love to have you!


We also held Chestatee’s biggest fundraiser of the year during the month of September – our annual Fund Run and Color Run. And, thanks to you, it was our most successful fundraising event ever! Because of your donations, we were able to raise over $13,400 for our school!

We were so incredibly grateful for the many volunteers that came in to help us out during those two events. We could not have done it without you!

We had a Great Time at movie night!

Thanks for joining us for a fun time for the family at the T! We had almost 700 people come and enjoy Big Hero 6, pizza, drinks and glow items!

Mark your calendars!


Reflections is a national arts recognition and achievement event sponsored by PTA to encourage students to express themselves through their artwork. Each year the students create an original work of art (through literature, photography, or visual art) based on a theme. This year’s theme is “Let Your Imagination Fly”. This event is open to all grades and abilities! If you have a student that is interested in participating, please have them pick up a packet of information in the Media Center (entries are due by October 14th).

Fall Festival

The Chestatee Fall Festival is scheduled for Friday, November 6th. This event will take place inside the school from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, and we will have food and fun for the whole family! Keep an eye out for more information as the date gets closer.

A few words from our Parent Involvement Coordinator

Teachers spend a lot of time preparing for conferences. This is a great time to sit face to face and discuss your child’s progress.

Here are some tips from your parent involvement coordinator for ensuring a productive conference:

  • Give feedback and insight into your child’s life or perspective. Remember that you and the teacher are your child’s “Dream Team.”
  • Ask questions.
  • Tell the teacher something school related that is really working for your family or something that you need clarified.
  • Ask for one specific thing you could do with your child to help support the teacher.
  • Come by the Parent Resource Room after your conference, and get help checking out some great materials for home practice. Engaging games, books, and flashcards are available. Come on by!

The Top Reasons to Come to Chestatee’s Title I Family Nights


Earn a token for each time you come. We will have a store in May to buy Chestatee gear with the tokens. The more you earn for coming, the more you can buy!


Each night will have a raffle. At our annual meeting, a $50 gift card to Dawson 400 Movies was awarded to one lucky family!


Who doesn't love pizza? Add a yummy drink and dinner is done!


Coming to our events is a great way to get involved and to show your child that school is important!

#1 And the best reason of all…

You WILL learn something! Every family said that the annual meeting was beneficial for understanding Title I information. Parents and students can both learn at our special family nights!

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Don't Forget.... You can Help the "T" Earn "Money for Nothing"!

Target Red Card

When you enroll your Red Card at target a certain portion of the proceeds goes straight to Chestatee! To create an account go HERE.

Box Tops/ Soup Labels

We collect Box Tops and Soup Labels all year Long to raise money for our school.

Remember if you full up a box tops page, Ms. Donna has a prize you can earn!

Kroger and Publix will donate money too...

If you ask to connect your Kroger Plus card to Chestatee Elementary, they will donate a certain percentage of the profits to our school. You can find out more about how to do this if you CLICK HERE.

Publix Partners key-ring cards are available in the front office for to you scan every time you buy groceries at Publix. Publix will donate a certain percentage of their profits to Chestatee as well!

See Ms. Donna in the front office for one of these cards, or send a letter with your child asking for one, and we will send one home for you!

We love our Partners in Education!