Re-Open Public Streets!

No more permits on Featherhill & Dodson Way...

Petition for Change

The closing of public streets to public parking, and thereby creating private "gated community" status while receiving publicly funded street maintenance, landscaping maintenance and law enforcement paid for with tax dollars is not acceptable. Foot traffic and public activity is to be expected in neighborhoods surrounding schools. As public streets, we have a right as a school community to park our cars and visit our children's schools during and after school hours. We have a right to attend sporting events in the late afternoons and weekends. The schools, built 50 years ago, do not have enough parking on site for the current population that they serve. Therefore, public street parking is a necessity. The parking restrictions currently in place on Featherhill and Dodson are causing much heavier auto congestion on the streets surrounding the schools and is a safety risk to our children. We are good neighbors. A handful of residents should not be entitled to impede the needs of the greater community in which they reside. In addition, we ask that you not approve further requests for restricted parking on Serrano Avenue between Serrano Elementary and Cerro Villa Middle Schools. Restricted curb parking on Serrano Avenue has not proven effective and is not consistently enforced. Thank you for your time and consideration in hearing our concerns.

Please Sign Our Petition

Please click on the link provided to e-sign our petition. All you need is an e-mail address. Everyone with an e-mail address can e-sign. Once you have entered in your information and clicked on submit, you will need to go to the top of the page on the right corner and "Log Out" before you will be allowed to add an additional e-signature. Please share this page with all of you family, friends and neighbors. Our children sincerely thank you for your support.