Soil, Vegetation & Climate

How it affects where people live

Does the Soil, Vegetation & Climate really affect where people live?

I believe that the soil, vegetation and the climate does affect where people decide to live.

Yes: For the climate, soil and vegetation this may affect where certain individuals live. For example if they were a farmer, they would want to live somewhere were the soil and climate is very good. Along from just being a farmer other people would chose to live in certain areas with good Climate. Though Canada has very little hot areas, most people would chose to live in the moderate zone (An area of Canada were the climate is moderate).

How does climate affect where we live?

Most People like warm areas

  • People tend to live in warmer areas rather than cold.
  • The majority of Canada's population lives in or around the temperate zone.
  • In general people don't usually live in very cold areas

But How does climate, vegetation and soil affect where people live?


Soil does not apply for everyone. Most people won't care about what type of soil is in the ground. Let's face it people usually think "oh it's dirt, who cares". But in reality soil is much bigger of a thing we need. One of our most important supply comes from soil, that is crops. Farmers who grow the groups need to have good soil or the crops wouldn't be as good as it would have if they'd planted in a very rich area.


Vegetation is a must for some people but not for all. Most people tend to look for places the have green areas and natural vegetation. But here in Brampton there isn't really much visible vegetation. You'd think that Brampton has nearly no vegetation. Toronto and the big cities have little to no natural vegetation. Living there for 13 years there really isn't any.


This is a big one since people want to live in a area where it's not always cold and summers are great. But living in Canada doesn't always offer you both. Most people in Canada as of right now are currently living in the southern area (The part of Canada next to the border).

But how? People chose to live in warmer areas because of easy access to many resources like food. Food is a big one, people living up in the north have to pay a lot more than we do for vegetables especially. Living in warmer areas also allows you to grow and produce your own crops.

Another thing that living in warmer areas is job. People living in the arctic areas (very cold areas) don't have much job opportunities as everything is limited due to the extremely cold climate.