L'Etoile du Nord

L'Etoile du Nord

L'Etoile du Nord means "The star of the north," in french. It was chosen by the states first governor, Henry Hastings Sibley. This word was adopted in 1861. Minnesota is the only state with a French motto.

Henry Hasting Sibley

Hail! Minnesota (State Song)

Minnesota song

"Hail Minnesota"

State seal

The state seal was adopted in 1858.

Minnesota's state rock

Minnesota's state rock was found in lake superior. A lava eruption occurred and it occurred in Minnesota billion of years ago. This rock is called "Agate."

State capital

Minnesota's state flag

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common loon

The common loon is a duck.
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Common loon video

Incredible Common Loon Video
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Cathedral of saint paul

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Indian dance night

It is a type of celebration they do every year. And they will do from in the middle of the day to mid night.
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Minnehaha park, minnesota

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Red pine tree

Minnesota's state tree is called a Red pine tree. It was a state tree in 1953.
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The north star state sign

Minnesota state coin

on it says "Land of 10,000 lakes," It also has a swan laying down in the water. It was found in 2005.
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E pluribus unum

This word at the bottom of minnesota state coin means "Out of many, one." It is in Latin. Sometimes it can be called "One from many." It means thirteen colonies joining together

Minnesota is the head waters of the mississippi

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