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Electronic Media Addiction

Smartphone Addiction: The Epidemic Grows

We are headed in the wrong direction!

I read recently that by average in many countries, the younger generation (15-20+ age group), is spending up to 15 hrs a day, involved with some form of electronic media! This is truly astounding, even if it's 10 hours, perhaps similar times can equated to the 20-35+ age group? It must be said, this is just plain crazy!

When total time considerations are factored in, given to sleep (should be around 8 hrs), food preparation or waiting in line at fast foods venues, eating, bathing, travel, school, college or work time, one ponders where time is allotted for real social interaction, exercise, healthy diet, friends and family concerns, etc, etc. It must be concluded that these things are not given consideration?

If this is true, it's absolute electronic media addiction taking up a substantial portion of the global populations time. If it's by design, and I believe this to be the case, then it's working so well, it's frightening. Not only is this a real concern now, it's also worrying for the future of humanity, the planet and all it's creatures, we are in trouble... unless this changes!

Is life supposed to be about being trapped within a matrix of electronic wizardry? What about nature, is it now only visited on a plasma screen, what about our true identity, is it pondered at all? Our true purpose in making known the unknown here on Planet Earth, the adventure of it all, where are these concerns, where indeed is our evolution?

Regurgitation of some sitcom series, if even shared between parties, is not very challenging or enlightening to say the least. Or espousing some meaningless dialogue given to factoids about celebrities or sports, derived from the mainstream media (MSM), is also worthless at best.

Where does our health fit into this abuse through such myopic addiction to electronic media? As individuals we need to take a step back from all this, otherwise our legacy can only be sickness and much suffering! Heart disease, Cancers and Diabetes, etc, etc, continues it's proliferation and this will remain largely unabated, if we do not change our ways.

We need to get back to some semblance of basic living activity and values from the past, otherwise how will we fare when sickness and disease strikes us down, or the lights go out...and stay out? How will 10+ hours a day of electronic media addiction stack up then? We had better ponder this seriously and begin to take action, for this addiction simply serves 'the powers that be' and enslaves us even more!!

''' Everything is connected.''

'Health is Wealth'.
Greg Gordon - Natural Therapist
Dip, Natural Healing - NS,ID,SM,RM
Certified -CA,CH.