SLO Newsletter

August/September 2014

Happy New School Year!

Welcome to our first year of SLO implementation! Below are some suggestions to help you get through the first pre-test:

Before SLO Pre-testing:

  • Established a SLO Team/Committee and define roles

  • Ensure you and at least one other team member have access to SLO Team Site

  • Send names of team members who will assist with "Releasing" assessments

  • Print testing resources for teachers

  • Attended or schedule FC Training

  • Train all teachers who will have a SLO course

  • Ensure all teachers administering a SLO assessment sign a security assurance form

    (located on team site under "resources")

  • Develop a timeline/schedule for administration

  • Determine which assessments will be online or paper/pencil (scanned)

  • Confirm teacher rosters

During SLO Pre-testing:

  • Maintain the security of all SLO assessments

  • Ensure a proper testing environment

  • Adhere to testing windows set by the district

After SLO Pre-testing:

  • Collect and count in all testing materials and resources

  • Store any printed materials you plan to reuse for post-testing and destroy any written-on materials

  • Create a plan for make-up and new student testing

  • Plan for content/grade level data talks to drive instruction

  • Monitor that all teachers participated and results are in FultonConnect

Timeline for Deliverables

SLO Testing Plan - Due by August 22nd

SharePoint 411

SLO Documents:

All SLO documents are organized by school level. Within each level are content areas. Within each content are the SLO courses and accompanying materials.

SLO Calendar:

A calendar is embedded within our team site. Please view anytime or use the consolidated calendar sent via email.

Team Site: Student Learning Objectives

Preparing for SLO Administration

Check data 2-3 days prior to planned test

administration to allow for possible data issues!

***See accompanying email for more info.

SLO Introductory Video

Student Learning Objectives - Fulton County Schools