The elephant and the Lion

By: Jordyn Harper

The Elephant and the Lion

One day on the safari of Africa, Junior the elephant ran across a pride of lions while eating some food. "Hey Jordyn!" Junior trumpeted out of his trunk to his friend.

"Hello Junior, nice day for a hunt right? But it takes a lot of energy, and sometimes we don't even make a catch! Your lucky you have leaves to eat. Bye, I got to go hunt!" Only Junior couldn't hunt he was too big. Junior felt left out that all of his friends were hunting without him. So he kept on eating as his friends padded away to stalk their next victim.

"I wish I could be a lion" he huffed and stomped his way to the waterhole. Junior slipped in and felt water surround his body. He stepped out of the water and looked at his reflection. He was a lion! Finally! He looked at his golden pelt shining in the sun and let a growl ripple out of his throat. He saw a dark brown mane on the back of his neck, he couldn't wait to tell his friends! He ran to his pride of friends "Hey guys it's Junior and I'm a lion!" he whooped.

"We're not that stupid. Junior was an elephant so were not going to let you join our pride" Jordyn growled. "Get out of our territory now!" She growled while baring her teeth. Her claws slid out as she stalk toward him warning him to leave. Junior ran off leaving their territory and his friends behind. He missed them, and the tress and the waterhole. He settled in the high grass, hearing it crunch as he lied down in it. It has been 2 hours since he last ate! Junior padded over to the nearest tree to eat some leaves, but he couldn't reach them! He was too short and couldn't climb. He tried to hunt but he was clumsy, loud and slow. He went hungry for 2 weeks and was starting to get very weak. He also had enemies chasing him from every corner!

One day he lied down in the grass, dying from exhaustion and mumbled "I wish I was an elephant again" He soon turned into a vulture, scanning the ground of other animals who wish they had something to tech them a lesson.

Theme-Be appreciative for what you have because others might not have it, or have to work harder then you.