Angel's Bucket List

April 20

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#1 Zip lining

I want to go zip lining in Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica with my dad and his family because they were all born in Costa Rica and I'm sure they all would love to go there, especially since it's near there hometown. The Volcano can have physical erosion because when the volcano tremors and earthquakes it breaks down the rocks/parts of the volcano or area around it. The acid rain that can come when the volcano erupts is a form of erosion.
Ziplining in Costa Rica Arenal Mundo Aventura
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#2 Bungee Jumping

I want to go Bungee Jumping in Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand, with my mom because she said she wouldn't do it for anything in the world so I'll just make her cause I'm that mean. The canyon that is keeping the bridge in place and water is flowing through is a form of chemical erosion because the water that splashes dissolves the rock and breaks it down. Landslides can also happen because of all the rain that happens there.

# 3 Scuba Diving

I want to go Scuba Diving at The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia with my cousin and sister because my cousin and sister love to try and see new things. The waves and the current is shaping the reef which is a form of physical erosion.

#4 Surfing

I want to go surfing in Maui, Hawaii with my aunt because she's AWESOME and loves to try new things . The impact of the waves can slowly shape the rocks/break the rocks down which is a form of physical erosion. The salt in the water can change the rocks also and create sand.

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#5 Watch the Northern Lights

I want the see the Northern Lights in Alaska with my friends and family because how many chances to you get to see something totally amazing with your family and friends. The weight of the glacier and the slow movement creates channels in the rock which is a form of physical erosion .