Kindergarten News

June 2019

Language Workshop

We finished up our Investigation unit and learned many things about different ways to investigate to find out more about our world. Students have been practicing investigation skills such as observing the weather and the changes in Spring. Our last unit is Reflection in which we have been reflecting on our growth this year and how it relates to the two books about being readers in our world.
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Readers Workshop

This trimester we reviewed fiction and nonfiction types of books, We also practiced with support finding the main Idea and details, We have made so much progress in reading!

Math Workshop

We wrap up the year in math with a unit on Addition and Subtraction using the symbols + and - and =! Kindergarteners have been working on building number sentences and working through math stories to put together or take apart the whole. They love to make up their own math stories.

Writer's Workshop

We have had fun telling stories across pages through narrative writing. We have been researching different animals and becoming experts in our Informational writing unit. Students are developing a table of contents and creating diagrams too!

Social Studies and Science

We studied the science of weather this Trimester! We met a real meteorologist named Jesse
Ritka! We also studied American symbols in Social Studies this Trimester.

Summer Information

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Friday Hooray

Raz kids is available all summer long. Please email your teacher if you need login information. Epic online books is also available this summer for a 3 dollar subscription