Made April 10th, 2014

Glacial lake paddleboarding

I want to go paddle boarding in a glacial lake with my friends. Glacial lakes are formed through glaciers sliding across land in a physical weathering process.
Trio paddle boards across Lake Michigan

White Water Rafting

I want to go whitewater rafting in the White Salmon River in Oregon. The river was formed by physical weathering from the river. I would go with my extended family for maximum fun.

Rope Swing

I want to rope swing across this GIANT section of the grand canyon. The grand canyon was formed by physical weathering- rivers eroding the rock landscape. This one I would do with my cousin Gus, who I know would absolutely LOVE it.
World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

Tree climbing

I love climbing trees, and where else would be better for tree climbing than the Redwood Forest? This area was made able to contain trees through physical weathering- water and glaciers destroying rocks and carving land. Friends and family alike would enjoy tree-climbing with me.

Skydiving in San Diego

I want to go skydiving with my sister because I know she'd be absolutely terrified of it. The area that I would be skydiving into, the Iron Mountains, was formed by glaciers and water eroding the mountains (physical weathering).