Eat Healthy Be wealthy

a story about an orange

whats an orange?

An orange is an fruit.It has a sweet side and a sour side. Its part of the fresh fruits in Canada food guide. Orange are grown all over the world. In 2013, 71.4 million metric tons of oranges were grown worldwide, production being highest in BRAZIL and the U.S. STATES of FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA.

Why are oranges important in our life?

They contain prodigious amounts of vitamin C, which protects the immune system and disarms free radicals that cause cell damage. they also keep us hydrated and become food for us to eat.we can have it for a daily basis.

what can oranges be?

oranges can be turn into juice, pie, medicine aswel. its citrus is sweetened by sugar so its better and more healthy to eat it in one whole.


these were the reasons why oranges can be healthy for your life
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