Kindergarten Class News

Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Seckers

24 Weeks of Kindergarten

Week of February 8th - February 11th

Valentine's Day Celebration

We will begin our Valentine's Day Celebration with Valentine's Day Tea. You should have received a Sign-Up Genius from our room parents about the luncheon. Lunch will be provided this day so no need to send in a lunch. Your child will still need a snack. The luncheon will begin at 11:30 A link to the sign up is below.

Please have your child wear their Sunday best (no Jeans) to school on Thursday for our celebration. We will be practicing manners during our lunch.

Please send in a cereal box or something similar by Wednesday, we will be making boxes to hold our valentines.

Also, We will be sharing valentines with each other on Thursday afternoon. Please help your child get their valentines ready for their friends in our class. Below is a class list to make the process easier. Your child doesn't have to buy valentines, home-made cards work just as well!

I know some children like to attach a sweet treat to their valentine, this is fine. It isn't necessary to attach anything at all, or if your child wants to do something other than a treat, there are many fun things that aren't chocolate or candy. Stickers, tattoos, erasers, pencils, bookmarks, or miniature notepads are some examples of non food items.

Class List

Andrea, Carter, Chloe, Colin, Damilola, Ellen, Garrett, Grace, Hannah, Jodie, Johannes, Kendall, Landon, Layla, Lena, Leo, Liam, Michael, Nadya, Oliver, Paige, Paula, Pearl, Semilore, Talon, Tomasz

This week's Homework

Please send in a cereal box or something similar by Wednesday, we will be decorating them in class on Wednesday.

The homework packet is being sent home today and will be due next Tuesday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Also, if you would like, please have your child write a sentence for the word of the week: "compassion." This is not mandatory. We would need the sentence by Wednesday.

This weeks concepts

Math - Name, recognize, count and write the numbers to 20. Compare groups to 20 and determine more and less. Counting, naming and identifying pennies and nickels.

Reading - sight words (and, he, she, have, can, to, at, I, we, a like, the, some, one, two, three, an, has, is, not, see, go, four, five, my, will, are, do, for, black, pretty, be, this, all, come, no, in, down, did, on, who, yellow) Making inferences, asking questions, summarizing, compare and contrasting, reading comprehension, and working on fluency.

Phonics Your child should know all of their letters and letter sounds. Phoneme blending, isolation and categorization.

Star Student of the Week

This weeks Star Student is Colin. Congratulations Colin!

Scientist of the Week

Chloe is our Scientist of the Week

Po Panda Bear

Po is spending time with Garrett this week. We can't wait to hear about his adventures!


Word of the Week: Compassion

Tuesday, February 9th - Fat Tuesday - All School Breakfast

Wednesday, February 10th - Ash Wednesday

Thursday, February 11th - Valentine's Day Tea

Friday, February 12th - No School

Friday, February 12th - Alaska Aces Game

Monday, February 15th - President's Day - No School

Friday, February 19th - Stations of the Cross

Monday, February 22nd - Clare House Blankets Project

Wednesday, February 24th - Kids on the Block Assembly @ 2:15

Thursday, March 10th - K-2 Spelling Bee

Friday, March 11th - End of 3rd Quarter

March 11th - 20th - Spring Break

Friday, March 25th - Good Friday - No School

Monday, March 28th - Easter Monday - No School

Saturday, April 16th - Spaghetti Feed


It is still cold outside, please make sure your child has appropriate winter gear.