Textbooks or Notebook Computers?

An argument by Alexander Beaver


"Okay class, log on to your Google drive for the instructions for your project on the Tell-Tale Heart.", Mrs. Cage says. I open my chrome book and open my Google Drive. I scroll through my "shared with me section" and I find the instructions near the top of the page. I open the document.

The future of education is every textbook and resource online. Some schools have already become to provide notebook computers such as Richardson West Junior High. Richardson West Junior High provides Chrome books for their students. It minimizes the load for the students to carry and allows them to be more organized.

Argument:Should students use text books or note book computers?

I lean to the side of notebook computers instead of textbooks because, a notebook computer may be more expensive, but is less to carry. Also with a notebook computer you can search the web, take notes, make power points, or email advisers for help if necessary. Textbooks are big and bulky for students to carry, with time students will have extravagantly large heavy backpacks. And later in time students may suffer from back pain later in life. Students are not mules, they're are not meant to carry ponderous backpacks.

On a notebook computer students are known to slack off but, a parent or teacher can block or restrict content if preferred or necessary. Textbooks eventually wear out or become outdated. Notebook computers are always getting updates. Everyone needs to learn to type because, in college, you need to know how to type papers. So the way I see it notebook computers are better. Some may prefer the textbook which has been used for years, but their are still issues that come up with it, so I feel we need to try something new. Notebook computers are more efficient than textbooks for learning, and students. It's faster to search the internet than to skim through pages.


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
By Malcolm X

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After all my research I have made the conclusion that textbooks need to make way for notebook computers. And with these notebook computers we have a bright and successful future ahead of us.