OCT. 30th, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

Why are we becoming a No Excuses University Campus?

We have the power to close the gap by giving our students Hope and Knowledge, and by helping them to be learners today, so they will become leaders tomorrow.

A Minute with the LASes...

AVP Top 5 - Continuation...

Last week we shared the most important things we need to remember when using the Academic Vocabulary Program. Since it's so important for our students to understand the concepts to be able to learn them and produce comprehensible output, this week we are connecting AVP with the SIOP Model. Also, we put together a menu of activities and games to use it after you have completed the steps 1, 2 and 3 with the students.

Please pick from the menu and let us know the best time for us to go and play with your class!

PLC information

As mentioned, we will have our PLC this Monday.

The agenda & TEKS that will be covered are below.

  • PLC agenda click HERE
  • TEKS (Standard) that will discussed click HERE

  • PLC Rotations Schedule and Lesson Plan for instructional support 10-30-17 click here

Thank you for your time, flexibility and willingness to dive deep into standards.

No Tardy Taters Awards

Congratulations to our No Tardy Taters Award recipients. :-)

Grade...Class...Award #

3rd...Ms. Lopez...#1 on 10/27

4th...Ms. Varona...#1 on 10/3, + #2 on 10/19

5th...Huerta...#1 on 10/26

Remember, when you complete your Mr. Potato Head with no tardies for ten days, your class receives a certificate and a treat. Simply email Mrs. Oden to let her know your class has earned their award. :-)

Tutoring Reminders

Continue to record the TEKS & mark attendance in the following tutorial spreadsheet for Title one documentation HERE


Hello everyone,

I just finished going through all of the paper work for those interested in clubs. I created a spreadsheet with the names of the students, grade level, contact information, and mode of transportation. Click HERE to view the spreadsheet. I will print a copy for each of you toward the end of the week and place it in your mailbox.

We have a few clubs that still have open slots, if forms are received in the next few days I will add those students.

If any students are unable to attend, let me know. I numbered each form in the order received and will have them on file in my office, so I will be able to tell you who is next in line to take their place.

Also, if you have not done so already, please email me with the location of your club so that I can include it in my documents. I have the locations for the following clubs:

  • Knitting Club
  • Origami Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Broadway Club

Thank you again for giving of your time and talents and providing this enrichment activity for our wonderful students!

You are much appreciated!


Miss Lawson

Character Read-a-thon

On Tuesday, we will have our Character Read-a-thon.
Please click here to access the schedule.

Award Ceremonies

Our first nine weeks came to an end on Friday, October 27th.

Please click here to see important information to be ready for the AWARDS Ceremonies.


LISD's Stuff the Pantry is this week! Keep track of how many points your class collects daily on the spreadsheet provided by Mrs. Norton. After you have added your daily total, deposit the food donations in your grade level bins in the halls. Certain foods are worth 2 points each: pie filling, canned fruit, canned vegetables, evaporated milk, canned yams, and instant potatoes. All other foods are worth one point each! The class with the most points will win a prize, and the grade level with the overall biggest total will win an additional prize!

The food will be picked up on Tuesday, November 7th, so we only have one week to collect! Please contact Mrs. Norton, Counselor, if you have any questions!

Student of the Month!

Remember that Mrs. Valdes will host a Principal's Lunch with a group of students once each month. Principal's Lunch will be in the cafeteria at a special table reserved for the Students of the Month! :-)

Kindness and Compassion are our focus character traits for November.

Teachers are asked to please use this link to nominate your students for November. Please complete your nominations by November 3rd.

Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Month!

*** Tuesday will be the last day to vote. Winners will be announced on Wednesday.

Here is the link to make a nomination.


Since we changed PLCs to Monday for this week and we need to conduct a Fire Drill there will not be a rally this week.

Please practice grade level chants.

Look at Ms. Hamilton's students learning their TCU chant!


Please help me to ensure that when a student asks to use the restroom, you let the student go. Use a log for students to sign out each time a student leaves the classroom to use the restroom. This will help us to monitor students' locations outside of the classroom, and to monitor the frequency of students asking to use the restroom.

Thank you

What is Happening at our school for the next week?

Click here to see the school google calendar. Thank you Mrs. Kitchen for keeping our calendar up to date.

*************Click here to see the testing calendar for the year.

Monday October the 30th

  • PLC
  • Science ACT
  • Family Resource Night 6-7pm
  • Parent Conferences continue
  • GRADES DUE at 4 pm 1st 9 wk. Report Cards

  • Grade-level Chants

Tuesday October 31st

  • Book Character Dress-up Day “My Character Counts! I’m Bully and Drug Free!”

  • Science LF

  • Inst. Tech. ACT

Wednesday November 1st

  • All Level Team Meetings

  • Innovation & Integration Committee PLC at 3:15

  • LA ACT

Thursday November 2nd
  • Inst. Tech. ACT

Friday October 27th


*3rd @ 8:15

*2nd @ 9:00

*4th @ 1:40

*5th @ 2:10

  • Parent Conferences DEADLINE*
  • Spirit Day

Staff Shout Outs

  • Bernal thanks for remembering us during your training.
  • Ms. Paris for being such an awesome partner.
  • Ms. Marla Rodríguez for all your support to the first grade "newbies."
  • The First Grade Team for always being there for each other; being true team players.
  • Ms. Mullikin for helping me with my iPad.
  • Ms. Medlock for working with my students on their handwriting with letter formation.
  • Kim Kilam - for keeping her team on track and organized with our goal.
  • ALL 1ST GRADE TEAM Members! For doing what is best for students!
  • Vicki Butler for buying llama buttons for the first grade team!
  • Ms. Speer for translating parent conferences. Thank you!
  • Ms. Satterla for reminding her team of upcoming events and important information.
  • Ms. Kilam for always going above and beyond for her students.
  • Wanda Oden for working so hard on the PLC Rotations Schedule and Lesson Plan.
  • Araceli Hernandez for being an advocate for all students.

Click here to submit your shout Out.


Ramona Holder Nov. 1st

Beth Hayes Nov. 7th

Marcine Simpson Nov. 10th

Catherine McIntosh Nov. 12th

Teresa Sayers Nov. 14th

Ernestina Wier Nov. 24th

Elizabeth Varona Nov. 27th