Trail of Tears

Westward Expansion Activity


The trail of tears was the forced relocation of Native indians following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Many people died during the trip because of the harsh living conditions they had to go through such as disease and starvation. The trails of tears led to Indian reservations that were mostly located in present day Oklahoma.

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The reason behind the Trail of Tears was because of the indian removal act of 1830. This is a very known event in the Westward Expansion era because of how many people had died at the cause of wanting the Native American land for themselves and moving them to foreign areas of land in which they would have to start all over.

Interesting Fact

Nearly a quarter of the Native Americans who were forced on the Journey had died, with the remainder left to seek out survival in land that was very foreign to them.

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The Trail of Tears Legacy

The Trail of tears is one of the most traumatic times in American history. Some even compare the event with Germanys Holocaust. This event makes someone question the morality of what some people would do to reach their dreams of prosperity and riches. The trail of tears is an eye opener through the fact that the process this country went through to becoming what it is today was not a process that went without sacrifice. And those sacrifices being questionable ones at that.

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Presentation by: Gilbert Ramirez and Nicole Medina