by Roald Dahl

About the Author

According to the official Roald Dahl website, the author was born of Norwegian parents on September 13, 1916 in Llandaff, Wales. This would explain why so many of his stories take place in England.
As a young boy, Dahl enjoyed listening to his mother tell stories involving the mythological creatures of his Scandinavian heritage and of great adventures. He also enjoyed reading the work of Dickens, which may explain many of the themes surrounding his stories as well as his occasional reference to many of Dickens' novels in Matilda.


- The story Matilda broke the sales records for children's fictional literature in the UK, with over half a million paperbacks sold there in just 6 months time.

Matilda Antes y Despues Actores



Matilda is a young child-genius who has the misfortune of living with parents and an older brother who care neither for her nor her unique abilities. Instead, their only focus is watching the television, playing Bingo or cheating others. Interactions with the local librarian introduce Matilda to the possibility of emotional escape through the world of books.

In 1996 the movie premiere:


My Book Review

A little girl who is misunderstood by her parents and loathed by the school's headmistress. She learned to read and write on their own. When she entered the school, was the best of the class; and Her teacher, Miss Honey just wanted her to learn more and more. Every time her father was bad with her, she resented some ingenious way; but Matilda only used her powers to help or deterrant someone. The Trunchbull received a lesson. She always mistreated children in the school but; Matilda frightened to Agata and she ran away forever leaving her house to her niece and Matilda. Just like Magnus told her ;)

I recommend this book to everyone, regardless of age.
It is entertaining, easy to read and enjoyable from start to finish.

Ana Díaz.