The Microscope

An outstanding invention for all to use!

Great for seeing tiny objects!

Have you ever thought about being a scientist, nurse, or a doctor? Then you should invest in a microscope! They're easy and fun to use!

It was either Zacharias Janssen or Hans Lippershey who invented the microscope.

Today, the microscope is still used for the same thing that is was back in the day, to see things that are not able to be seen with the human eye, like bacteria.

Flea Glasses?

Did you know that the first microscopes were called "flea glasses" because they were used to see small insects? They have now gone on to find deadly viruses and different cells.

Microscopes have gone from being long tube-like things, to bigger, more complex instruments.

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Guaranteed to help you feel like a real scientist when using this amazing product!