Chocolate Bar

By Madison Walton

Are you Stressed?

Guess what, Our chocolate is stress relieving chocolate and its healthy for you. There are a lot of chemicals in chocolate but one that everybody knows is caffeine because you can get addicted to that and another one not not many people know about is endorphins. Endorphins so scary but its actually the good part of the chocolate it the part that is like oh yass this chocolate is good. The endorphins in the chocolate works to lessen the pain and decreases stress. Another chemical that would be helpful to know is Serotonin. Serotonin is know as an anti- depressant in chocolate. so next time you feel same and need a break come to our store and fill your heart with chocolate not sadness or stress.

Come To Our Shop

My store will really be a fun and stress free environment you come to let every thing go and have fun. We will offer you a tour of our store and we will even let you temper your on favorite kinda chocolate

Store Hours

Monday -10:00 to10:00

Tuesday -10:00 to 10:00

Wednesday -10:00 to 10:00

Thursday - 10:00 to 10:00

Friday -10:00 to 10:00

Saturday -11:00 to 9:00

Sunday -11:00 to 9:00