Abby's Amazing Bucket List

Seventh Period Ahmed

Bungee jumping in L'Isle-Jourdain!

Bonjour! Quoi de neuf? That means "Hello! What's up?" in French. Bungee jumping has always sounded fun and I would love to experience it in somewhere other than the Post Oak Mall. It would be amazing to jump off the wonderful bridge (seen below). The type of weathering is physical, I'm sure the bridge has been weathered in some way or another. The actual city, L'Isle-Jourdain, has also been weathered. The agent of erosion is water (also seen below).

I would probably go with my HUGE family. We would travel by plane, because ships are just slow and teleportation devices haven't been invented yet. It would be fun to watch everyone's different reactions from jumping off a gigantic bridge! And it would be fun to explore France with over 20 people I've known my whole life, even though they might annoy me 40% of the time.

L'Isle Jourdain is pretty far from Texas considering the fact that it's in France!

Cyrille ' bungee jumping l'isle jourdain

Ziplining in Umauma!

Where can you zipline across a huge beautiful waterfalls? Where can you get amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and lush rainforests? In Umauma of course! With two miles of awesome ziplining fun, you can not only have the time of your life, you can view amazing erosion and weathering. The weathering is physical and because it's waterfalls, the agent of erosion is water. It would be so awesome to view all this science from above!

We would probably travel by plane, because I don't like boats. And I would take my friends Kate, Emily, Kayla, Rachel, Rylie, Kevlie, and Selah. Kate has already been to Hawaii (and Georgia, and Guam, and Pennsylvania) but I'm sure she would love to be back in the the Aloha State.

Hawaii is not as far from Texas as other places are, but it's still considerably far compared to other states as it's one of the two states not connected to the other states.

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Jet-packing in Victoria Falls!

You may be like, "Nuh uh, Abby. You can't go jet-packing. That's silly." Well, I'd like to inform you that jet-packs do exist so that dream of mine is not annihilated yet! Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is an amazingly beautiful place and I would love to soar through the sky as the sun sets. The kind of weathering is physical, which is obvious. The agent of erosion is water, which is also obvious, I mean, look at that power!

I would take my friends Kelly, Riley, Phyllis, Sayuni, Grace, Chen, and Riley to experience this surreal experience. How awesome would it be to fly through the air in one of the most beautiful places in the universe?

Zimbabwe is on a different continent than Texas, which makes it "far" in my books!

Dog Sledding in Juneau Alaska!

Juneau is the capitol city of Alaska, the biggest state in the U.S. That makes it one of the perfect places to enjoy one of the Alaskan state traditions; dog sledding. This city has plenty of room and plenty of snow to enjoy a day of being pulled by some of Alaska's most powerful animals. Lots of physical weathering has occurred here to shape the mountains and make them as jagged as they are. The main agent of erosion is glaciers.

I would probably take my friend Carlie with me, as she loves dogs. We would fly there, or maybe even drive there, probably not though because I would not be able to handle driving in a car for over a week.

Juneau is not very far from Texas compared to other places, as it's in Alaska which is the other state not connected to any states.

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Hire Liechtenstein!

You probably think you've heard wrong. That, or you think that Liechtenstein is a car or something. No, Liechtenstein is a country in Europe. Granted, it's a small country, but it's a country nonetheless. In 2011, Liechtenstein made itself available for hire at only $70,000 a night! The type of weathering is physical, though chemical weathering has probably taken place too, at some point. I mean, Liechtensteinians have to have rusty nails, right? The agent of erosion is wind, though Liechtenstein does have two rivers running through it: Rhine and Samina RIver. So the agent of erosion is also water.

I would probably enjoy prancing around this country like I'm a queen with pretty much all of my school friends. The more the merrier! We would travel by plane because again, I don't like boats.

Because Liechtenstein is in Europe, it's not exactly close to Texas, I mean, there's a whole ocean in the way.