Latin American Leaders

Pedro I

Country of Origin:

Queluz National Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Date Of Birth:

October 12, 1798


September 24, 1834, Queluz National Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Social Class:


Country did he help gain independence:


Why did Brazil want their independence?

The Brazilian inhabitants had become completely outraged by the Cortes’ actions. This resulted in the uprising of the Bonificans, and the Liberals. These two groups were united only by the fact that they wanted to keep Brazil united with Portugal as a sovereign monarchy

Three Things That Pedro I Did To Help The Independence Movement:

  1. In August 1822, Pedro went to São Paulo to pledge loyalty to the Brazilian cause.
  2. He addressed his friends and Guard of Honour, informing them that any ties that they had once held with Portugal were now broken. He instructed them to remove their blue and white armbands (symbolising their ties to their Mother Land), and said, “Hail to the independence, to freedom and to the separation of Brazil. For my blood, my honour, my God, I swear to give Brazil freedom. Independence or death!”

  3. The official breaking of ties occurred on 22 September 1822, when Pedro wrote a letter to his father, João VI.

How is the Pedro I honored today in that country?

Dom Pedro declared Brazil's independence from Portugal is celebrated on September, 7th.