a Case Study


By using SETT framework, aid the teacher to create the best opportunities for students with special needs by investigating about their learning situation challenges and strengthens.

Professional goal: I use the SETT framework on a students with ADHD, whom I will be teaching next year. I feel a bet anxious about the situation because his condition is new to me. I hope this project aids me to design lesson plan that suites his condition in a way that don't interfere with other students' learning.
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Student and Enviroment

Student's name: Abdulla
Grade: Kindergarten-2
Challenges: ADHD, law attention span, and slow first language development
Strengthens: likes technology, songs and TPR. Loves to be the teacher's Helping Hand.
Behavioral goals:
self-control (control tools) , and get higher attention span (make lesson more interesting)
Learning goals:
-Hear word and point to/do the correct representation (picture, sound, movement, realia, etc.)
-See a (picture, realia, object, etc.) and say the correct word for it.
Classroom size: 20 students

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What naturally occurring activities take place in the environment?

Look at the advance organizer and say what activity they area going to do/ Listen to a story/ Listen and sing a song/ Drawing and coloring/ High-frequency word recognition/ Crafting (creating story puppets, books, figures, words wallet, poster, etc.)/ Matching/ Take video of themselves speaking/ Retelling stories to each other/ Play vocabulary games/ Online games using the projector/ Samsung tablets/ watch videos/ reviewing classroom rules/ reviewing days of the week.

What is everyone else doing?

Listen to a story, learn the characters and retell the story/ Memorize songs and movements/ Identify target vocabulary (words from the stories or songs)/ Follow routine and memorize routine phrases/ Recognize names/ Recognize high frequency words/ Follow detraction in English/ Coloring, crafting and playing dough/ Memorize routine phrases and words/ try to communicate using what English they know.

What activities support the student's curricular goals?

Students are required to understand direction and stories in English/ Identify vocabulary (hear and point/do or see and say)/ use routine phrases and words

· What are the critical elements of the activities?

Listening/ Speaking/ Vocabulary/ pre-reading and pre-writing

· How might the activities be modified to accommodate the student's special needs?

Use timer during task – give sense of time for ADHD students, which help to maintain attention span.

Use songs, online games and application to be exposed and to practice new words – Abdulla gets bored of teacher’s talking very easily.

Find a way to review previous knowledge and organize new information

Combine visuals, sounds auditory and kinesthetic cues to support vocabulary question.

Use Centres time activates for review (Art, Samsung tablets, word recognition, vocabulary cards) and individual time with students. To allow flexibility in choosing the suitable activities for each students.
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Done by Amna AlHammadi