ANZAC Day is a day Australians honour those who died and served in war. It is an important remembrance ceremony celebrated by all Australians.

Celebrating traditions

In military traditions, the last post is played by a bugle, to call the end of the days activities. But now we listen to it as a respectful tradition.

Colonel John Mcrae is the first to describe the red poppy as a flower of remembrance. One minute - two minutes silence is included in the ANZAC Day ceremony as a sign of respect. In the minute silence we try to think and remember the people who served and died for us.

Celebration Game

The game two -up is a game where coins are flipped and bets are laid for whether it lands on heads or tails. This game is only played throughout NSW.

Activities during war

Salutes is a reciprocated at the highest levels up to and including Heads of State and are indicative of a feeling of mutual trust and respect. New Zealand soldiers formed part of the Gallipoli penesula. Saluting is a military custom by which a soldier signals acknowledgement of due respectsto a superior rank.