Edgewood's Tiger Talk

April 6, 2017

Principal's Update

There will be a lot of people at Edgewood this summer, but they won't be staff or students! Edgewood will be getting a make-over. Immediately after students leave this summer, all the items in the school will be packed up and moved into storage pods on the playground. Updates will include:

  • A new Learning Commons space, taking the place of the library and computer lab. It will have break out rooms, a green screen, and will be a space we can use more flexibly. Students no longer have to come to the lab to use the computers; Chromebooks are readily available in their classrooms.
  • Updates to the mechanical and electrical systems
  • A revamped front office space, giving more room at the reception area
  • New windows and tuck-pointing
  • New floors in the gym, hallways and classrooms in the older part of the building
  • A new roof
  • Cubbies in the hallways for all students (hopefully this will help with lost mittens!)
  • New classroom doors
  • Updates to student bathrooms and new washing stations
  • A new sound system in the gym
  • Turing the shower room into a Teacher's Louge (Did you know there was a shower at Edgewood? It's been used to store boxes for decades)

The past couple weeks, all lights in the school have been updated to better mimic natural lighting, too. We're looking forward to seeing the results in late August. While the thought of packing a school is a bit daunting, we know that the results will create brighter, more modern environments for teaching and learning. We're lucky to be in a district that realizes the positive impacts of these investments.

Pawsitively Edgewood--Character Education

It's been a busy month! Students were rock-stars for our video crew that was here mid-month. We can't wait to see the finished product and share it with you. Last week, we had a site-visitor from character.org at the national level. She talked with students, parents, staff, and community members. We look forward to getting her feedback, which will help us to continue our journey of developing respectful, responsible, confident thinkers at Edgewood.

March's character focus was self-control. Self control means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Students were taught to think of a stop-light:

  • Red: Stop
  • Yellow: Think, what should I do?
  • Green: Go--do the right thing

One of the ways we work to develop character traits is to notice it and name it when we see it in kids. "It took a lot of self-control for you to let your sister keep playing with your toy." They also love it when we share our own examples with them. "Man, I really had to use self-control in line at the store. I wanted to yell at the person in front of me--HURRY UP!--but I took a deep breath and waited instead." One of the things we've learned about character education is that character is present all around us--we just have to pay attention and notice it. When we do, kids strive to listen and repeat.

PE Update from Mr. Warnecke

Roller Skating was a hit! Thank you to all of you for supporting your child in this unit. It's a unit that stretches many out of their comfort zones, and it's wonderful to see their determination to get up when they fall and try again.

Art Update from Mrs. Nolan

Thank you to all who ordered Art To Remember keepsakes! Sometime late April we will be receiving the orders.

***Volunteers needed*** Any parent helpers to assist in sorting the many orders coming in later this month would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Ms. Nolan or Mrs. Wasikowski if you can help. It will take a few hours. Any help is great. It will likely be the week after break. Thank you!

5th Grade- After much work the weaver's of 5th grade have completed their first hand-crafted weaving. Much was learned during the process and a great appreciation for the art of weaving was gained.

4th Grade- Fantastic City Scenes are on display and now students will create a felt stuffed Indian Elephant which is related to the drawings done earlier.

3rd Grade- Gorgeous Ukranian Eggs will soon be displayed for Spring.

2nd Grade- Author/ Artist Faith Ringgold is the inspiration of our latest work. Students are drawing a Dream place to fly to like the main character in Tar Beach.

1st Grade- Students learned about "birds-eye" point of view as they designed bunny gardens. They loved making miniature bunnies out of model magic for the gardens.

K5- Students explored the effects of crayon and watercolor paint together in Cho Cho Trains.

EHSA Upcoming Events

Here's a brief summary of the upcoming events this spring:

The Walk-a-thon: Held during school on April 27th, students raise money through pledges. The Racing Sausages from the Milwaukee Brewers come along to add some fun to the walk, and students who raise enough money get to take pictures with the sausages.

Chipotle Night: Save the date for the May 16th at the Hales' Corners Chipotle. Edgewood will get 50% of the profits from 4:30-8:30 pm.

The Color Run: This is fun for the whole family at Konkel Park on the morning of Saturday, May 20th.

The School Picnic: This is a neat opportunity to meet other families and gather around food. Hopefully it won't rain this year--but even rain doesn't hold back our parade! Saturday, June 2nd.

Earn money for our EHSA when you shop on Amazon!

Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

K4 Registration

Do you know someone who will be attending K4 in Greenfield next year? If so, encourage them to register now. This helps us to plan more effectively for next year. Registration takes place at central office.

Upcoming Dates

4/6--Coffee with the Principal: Learn about Division strategies in 3rd-5th grades, 8-8:30am in the library

4/11--EHSA Meeting, 6-7pm in the library

4/13--Grandparents & Special People's Day

4/14-4/21--NO SCHOOL

4/24--Summer School Registration Opens. Registration will be online. Visit http://greenfield.schooldesk.net/Departments/Curriculum,AssessmentandInstruction/SummerSchool/tabid/82644/Default.aspx

4/28--Assembly--Wear Edgewood Gear

5/5--Coffee with the Principal, 8-8:30 in the library

5/5--Assembly--Wear Edgewood Gear