US - Canadian Relations

By: Jordan Jennings

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Political Connections:

Due to the US and Canadas political differences, many are worried that there will be a fallout between the due. This is not the case however, and the US and Canada bolster a healthy bond between each others nations. We are allies with Canada, along with China and Cuba, of all places, and continue to help whenever we can. Both nations host democracy, but the US is one large language. Canada has a mixture of 2 languages spread throughout its country, and it somewhat divides it in half. One of the other major differences are that Canada is a republic and the US is a constitutional monarchy,

Social Connections:

Around 300,000 people cross between the US and Canada, and more than 2 Billion$ a day are traded. The US and Canada both have a joint security agreement, hosted through the NATO military forces. The NATO also collaborate with Americas NORAD to help in defense throughout the country, and through the world if necessary. Each country also hosts a border patrol, which help regulate trade and other foreign goods through the countries. Both the US and Canada also have a "Clean the World" pact, which they use to help regulate the amounts of garbage through the inner regions, and help keep the streets clean.
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Economic Connections:

US and Canada both have one of the worlds largest central trading agreements, and are both some of the largest suppliers to each other. Canada, the US, and Mexico have created the NAFTA which helps trade through the countries borders. Each have specified manufacturing parts, and trade frequently to help boost the economy of each other. In 2012, Canada and USA joined the TPP regional trade agreement.