Raising Money For Charity

Friendship Bracelets

The Big Five

We will be selling in the grade 4-5 pod area. There will be lots of helpers and you can ask them for help. The day we start is Sunday the 20th and it will end Thursday the 25th. We will have a sale on sunday and on thursday it will have 50/ of. The prices are 20 QR 15 QR 10 QR 5QR.

Some Photos Of Our Bracelets

For example

Rowdah comes and wants to buy bracelets but she docent know what to do? she goes and asks Dana. Dana says: go choose the bracelets or bracelet that you want and next go to the cashier then stage 3 if you need help the people that have a name tag can help. Stage 1 is choose stage 2 is cashier and stage 3 is organize. See you there!