Book Report

By: Ryan Artman

Book Information

Book Title- Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Author- Jeff Kinney

Told During- 2014 Summer Break

Told In- First Person Participant

Told By- Greg


Greg- the main character telling the story

Rodrick- is Greg's older brother

Manny- Greg's younger brother

Mom- Greg's mom


Greg and his family go on a road trip. Along the way go to a waterpark. When they arrived at the waterpark they put their things in a locker to keep them safe. They went swimming for a while, then returned to the lounge chairs where they had left their towels to find them on the ground. This is when Greg and his family realized the key to their locker was missing. They went to find the person with the master key, but they couldn't remember the locker number, so they had to open a lot of lockers that did not have their things in them. Greg and his family had no choice but to leave the waterpark without their things.

When the family returned home, they began unpacking their bags. When Greg was unpacking, something fell out of his shorts. It was the missing key to the locker! He did not tell his parents, because they had already cancelled all of their credit cards and new ones were ordered. His parents had also gotten new drivers' licesnces. Greg could not decide what to do with the key. He had three choices, tell his parents, put it in the dirty clothes for his mom to find, or flush it down the toilet.


The book held my attention because I wanted to see if they found the key and if so, where they found it. I also wanted to know if it was taken by someone or if it was lost. I thought it was funny when Greg found the key in his shorts, because it had been there the whole time.

The theme of this story goes along with the saying in life, "If it's going to wrong, it will." This family's trip was nothing but one bad event after another. Every time they turned around something else was going wrong or something bad happened. There was so much bad luck on this trip, that the family would probably never take a vacation again.