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New Year New Healthy Hott You 6 Week Challenge

We start January 4th, 2016

As the new year draws closer, we start to think about our goals and resolutions and the steps we will take to reach them. Make this the year you Commit to be F it! Sign Up for our New Year New Healthy Hott You Challenge!

Hott Fitness is not your typical fitness center, gym, or workout class, we are a COMMUNITY of women that encourage, support, and have fun together. Research has proven that clients who workout in an encouraging group setting, stick to their health and fitness routines and reach their goals faster!

The New Year New You Hott Body Challenge will teach you how to structure your meals to create the lean healthy physique that you desire. Our Hott Intensity Interval Workout training program is designed to build lean muscle and blast fat, which will leave you feeling faster, stronger, healthy, and fit! We also have several adventure meet-ups to thrill your senses while getting in a great cardio workout.

What is included in this Challenge:

  • Beginning and Ending Measurements & Weigh In
  • HIIT Workout Sessions
  • Daily Tracker/Journal
  • Cardio Drills
  • Core Workouts
  • Suggested Meal Plans
  • Meal Template (how to plan and portion your meals)
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Accountability Partner
  • Adventure Meet-Ups
  • Healthy Hott Recipes (posted on Hott Fitness FB page)

I will also have weekly small group meet-ups after class for those who are serious about changing their physique and meeting specific goals. During these weekly meet-ups, I will review your Daily Tracker/Journal and give you feedback to help you reach your goals faster. We will also have weekly weigh-ins for those who would like to track their progress this way.

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Your Workout Should Challenge You

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We are more than a workout.

We Inspire and Influence those around us to live life Happy, Healthy, and Hott.

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Hott Fitness

Erin Hottinger

Owner/CPT/Fitness & Nutrition Coach