Russia is in the continent of Asia. They have major crops such as rye, wheat, barley, oats, and corn. Their cuisine is mostly heartful and will fill you up. Russia is famous for thier Zakuska which is an appetizer and that's how they begin Russians meals. One of Russia =s main dishes is Beef Stroganov which is made with tender strips of beef, mushrooms, and seasoned sour cream sauce.


India is in the penisula of southern Asia. Indians follow the caste system as part of their culture which is their social system; they divide their people into four groups called: the brahmins(priest), Kshatriyas(warriors), Vaisyas(farmers), and then the Sudars( laborers or slaves). Indians eat alot of curry which is a type of stew. Another main spice is masala which is a mixture of spices, which mostly all curries have. Like other countries the geography and climate influenced their cuisine.


Chinese use a wok which is a metal bowl with sloping sides. They often use chopsticks as their eating utensils. Breakfast is usually congee which is a porridge made from rice.
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