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May 13, 2016

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Living this quote

As we are in the midst of NWEA testing, I see and hear the belief that you have in your students every day! I see the belief that students have in themselves every day. I am just as excited as you and our students are when I see the scores come through. The growth that many students are making is amazing. You have worked hard and it is paying off. Our students believe they can be successful because YOU believe they can be successful. I am proud to say I get the pleasure to grow and learn side by side with the best educators and students I know!

Week in Review

TLT Update

This past Monday, we looked at our NWEA data and compared it to our school goal. The TLT will be sharing this information with you Monday morning during data meetings.

Next Monday, we will be looking at our CODE evaluation data and making a plan for instructional support moving into next year.

Last days...

Ben is finalizing the field day schedule. He will be getting it out to you next week. The dance will be from 1:00-2:00 (not 1:30-2:30 like I previously stated)

The last teacher day is May 31st. We will start the day here at West Goshen (agenda will be coming soon). After lunch all staff is expected to gather at GHS to celebrate different employees for their years of experience and the those retiring.


Courtney will be moving from 3rd to 4th grade next year to fill our temporary position. :) So glad to be having Courtney back next year!

Reminder - IB Parent Night

Mark your calendars for May 24th at 6:00. We will be having an IB Parent Information Meeting. After the meeting, we will have a dessert bar in the cafeteria.

We will be sending home reminder slips the next several Mondays - with a place for parents to respond with the number that will be attending.

Monday Morning

Monday morning agenda:

-- Lori will talk about class lists
-- Lori will talk about CODE responsibility survey
-- Lori will give an overview of school goal/percentage of growth for each grade level
-- TLT will lead grade level teams through the E/LA NWEA data

See you all Monday morning! :)

Central Office Updates:

Important End of Year evaluation procedures :

· At the end of each school year, administrators meet with teachers to review the SKR score for the year. This year, the administrator will need to use the Individual Summary report exported from CODE into a pdf for this discussion. You will not need to use the End of Year Employment Recommendation Form. This recommendation form will be completed in the fall and will include the student achievement results from 2015-16 that will need to be factored into the overall effectiveness rating. Once signed, you should provide a copy to the teacher and send the original to the HR office for personnel files.

· Administrators may remind returning teachers that they do have the right to request an additional evaluation for the coming school year. The deadline for making this request in writing will be August 19, 2016, but teachers may also submit the request now. Attached is the revised form.

TAP Attitude Survey

Last week, all GCS principals and master teachers received a message related to information on the administration of the annual TAP Attitude Survey. Response rates to this survey have wavered in years past, but we are hoping for high rates this year for several reasons:

1.) So that the University of Indianapolis and CELL has solid data to use in their advocacy efforts with state and federal policymakers for funding support to sustain and strengthen the TAP initiative in Indiana.

2.) Survey results that include high response rates will be beneficial to us locally as we share the GCS "TAP story" with various stakeholders such as school board members and other local policymakers.

3.) Additionally, this attitude survey will provide GCS with data that can be highly useful in recruiting quality teachers to Goshen.

4.) The survey is taken online by all TAP teachers and administrators and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The 2016 survey window for Indiana TAP schools is now open and will last through June.

Please encourage all teachers and members of the leadership team to increase the response rates this year.

Thank you!

Attention School Officials,

The GI Go Fund is once again honoring Memorial Day with “Jeans For Troops,” America’s most popular school dress down day to support our troops. As always, we are grateful for the support we are receiving from thousands of schools and school districts from across the country who give the opportunity to their employees to donate $5 and dress down in jeans and patriotic attire for the day.

We hope you can join the dress down program to benefit military personnel and veterans, including recently returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, as well as veterans of previous generations suffering from homelessness and other challenges. This year's national dress down day is May 26, the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, but you can change the date while registering if another day works better. After registering, you will be mailed all the program information/stickers to host a great Jeans for Troops Day. Please sign up on our Jeans for Troops Registration page by clicking on this link.

We are grateful for your support. If you have any questions please reply to this email or call our main office at 866-389-4446.

Thank you,

Alexander Manis
Deputy Director and Co-Founder
The GI Go Fund

Upcoming Dates:


Monday, May 16th:
NWEA window (language usage for grades 3-5 this week)
PTO Walk-a-Thon week during specials
Karen out all day - training in Indy
11:35 - 3rd grade leadership team members meet for lunch with Jodie, Karen, and Lori
12:15 - 4th grade leadership team members meet for lunch with Jodie, Karen, and Lori
2:00 - GMS 5th grade meeting

Tuesday, May 17th:
8:00-10:30 - Kindergarten to Ben's Pretzels
3:00-4:00 - 4/5 cluster
6:00 - Elementary basketball tourney at GMS - GO WEST GOSHEN BOYS!!!!

Wednesday, May 18th:
Orchestra in Indy all day
10:00-1:30 - 5th grade service project

Thursday, May 19th:
3rd grade field trip - 8:30-2:00
3:00-4:00 - 2/3 cluster
5:00-7:00 - 1st grade meet the author night

Friday, May 20th:
5th grade celebration
1st to zoo
2nd grade to Pringle Park
6:00 - Elementary basketball tourney at GMS - GO WEST GOSHEN BOYS!!!!