Food Stylist

want to help make food look tasty for photos or TV?

What does a Food Stylist do?

Food Stylists prepare food for photographs and videos that will be used in menus, TV commercials, cook books, etc. The job of a food stylist is to make the food look enticing to the viewer, although most do more than that. They attend meetings, keep up with the latest trends, and are always prepared with the correct tools, ingredients and even with ways to display the food. Most Food Stylists have creative backgrounds, and have an array of ways to make the food look tasty and real. Good communication, listening, and time management skills are needed, you should be able to listen and convey what the client wants in an appropriate amount of time.

How to become a Food Stylist

To be a food stylist there is no real college degree, although there are some classes you can take that will help you in this field of work. Those classes can range from Plate presentation to food science. Most employers look for one year of prior experience, and they will look at your portfolio. To gain experience most food stylists work as an assistant to another food stylist. The job is fast paced and time consuming, you need to be able to solve a problem quickly and always be prepared.

Examples of Food Styling


The average Food Stylist makes $33,000 per year. And freelance stylists make $450 up to $850 a day. But, It all depends on the area you live in. NY food stylists make $42,000, San Francisco food stylists make $44,000, Orlando food stylists make $30,000, And Savannah make $31,000.